Holiday Party

It was a true pleasure helping to being in the holiday joy with the Travis Credit Union team in Suisun. These group of people has always treated me well and has helped me in so many ways. Thank you for blessing my business with your orders and support. Thank you Michele Davis for leading such wonderful team. Many blessings ❤️😊

The Stacy Wedding

Congratulations !! To the newly wedded Justine and Erica Stacy. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day by sharing my family’s food with your loved one’s. Vezer family vineyard was an amazing place to have your wedding, but I have to say its beauty paled in comparison to the both of you. Congratulations once again and may your love last a life time. Many blessings ❤️😊

Thank you Veterans!

It was an honor to cater for the Vacaville Rotary Club while also celebrating all the veterans who have served our great country. During the celebration, I got to hear amazing stories from the Vietnam battlefield. These amazing veterans shared their personal stories of bravery, utter fear, heartbreak and even laughter. It was an amazing time and I learned so much. Thank you to all the veterans; Because of your many sacrifices, we as American are free.

Dave’s Retirement Party

A big THANK YOU! to Micheal for allowing me to be a part of your co-worker and dear friend’s Dave’s retirement party. Dave has worked in diagnostic imaging as a nuclear medicine tech for over 30 yrs. Congratulations! Dave, your dedication and hard work has been seen by many of your coworkers, and they are truly grateful to have had you in their lives. You have made a positive difference in their every day work life. Thank you again for all that you’ve done!

Reggae Festival Fun!

Rasta Mamas Kitchen SOLD OUT!!!! Big thank you to the Green River Brew and Tap for inviting me to participate in their Reggae festival for the second time this year !! I had an amazing time! There was GREAT MUSIC–have to say “One Sharp Mind” is one of my favorites !! The Green River staff is amazing and so kind! Can’t wait to do this again ❤️

Catering a Birthday Soireé!

Happy Birthday Victor and Tuli! Thank you for allowing to be a part of your big day !! You are such a sweet couple who know how to have fun !! I have to say this was one of the best catering gigs I have ever done. Many blessings to you both!

A Promotion Ceremony

Congratulations to the NEW Lieutenant Colonel May Euavijitearoon-Baten !!! Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication to our great nation–your service is seen and greatly appreciated. It was an honor to Cater your big day.

Thank you for allowing me to share my family’s food with all of your family and your second family– the 60th Maintenance Phoenix Squadron!!

C&H Sugar Safety Picnic

OMG, this was Crazy fun!!! Had a blast sharing my food with the C&H Sugar Safety Picnic. With 500 guests it had to have been the largest group I have catered for since COVID. I loved the energy of the day and everyone was so excited to try my family’s food. They LOVED IT! My heart is filled with joy.

Thank you again C & H Sugar for allowing me to be a part of your big event. I know each and every one of your members felt appreciated I know I did ❤️ 😊 🇯🇲

A Taste of Jamaica in Vacaville

I had such a fun time sharing one of my childhood experiences with the Vacaville library and all their guests. I love making sorrel, not only because it tastes good, but because it’s so healthy for you. Big thank you to all the guests who came out to learn about me, my culture, and what I love to do ❤️😊